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Mohamoud came to Youth Projects facing some non-vocational barriers, soon enough he was supported by our Transition to Work team and a short time later he was employed in a job that he loves.

Mohamoud first visited Youth Projects to ask a few questions about what we do and if we might be able to help him. Along came one of our Transition to Work team members who gave him a an overview on the employment, training and non-vocational supports Youth Projects provides and showed Mohamoud around the youth space. Mohamoud was pretty empowered by what he had heard and quickly jumped on board with Transition to Work.

Mohamoud had been on temporary medical exemptions for six months, felt dis-empowered by other employment services and had some non-vocational barriers that he needed support with.

After meeting the entire Transition to Work team, Mohamoud was eager to end his exemption and gain support from Youth Projects. He came to the Youth Hub (Glenroy) several times a week and received intensive support and mentoring from his Transitions Coach. Soon enough, Mohamoud found stable housing and was well and truly on his way to kicking his employment goals.

Next step was to update and refine his resume:

My Transitions Coach was such an incredible help with completing my resume. He spent several one-on-one sessions with me to complete this and helped me identify my strengths and skills. This helped with my confidence and realise that I was actually very employable.

He then engaged with the Ready, Set, Job group – an intensive, supportive environment where a Transitions Coach provide one-on-one and group support to tailor applications, identify employment positions and reverse market themselves. Mohamoud went for several interviews off the back of this group, gained new friendships and a newfound confidence. They even managed to fit in a trip to Bounce!

One of the team’s employers reached out to the Transition to Work team to see if we had any exceptional young people to fill a fast-paced, customer-focused contact centre position. Without hesitation, Mohamoud came straight to mind. He was eager to attend an interview and find out more.

Mohamoud was successful and is already two months into his new role as a Telesales Executive:

“I love the position and I’m learning every day. I am moving forward with my employment goals, and am really excited about what the future holds. None of this would have been possible without Youth Projects! They have been there every step of the way.”

His employer added:

“Mohamed always seems to have a smile on his face and can’t wait to say hello and shake your hand or give a high five when he sees you each day.

He works very hard, is eager to bring out the best within himself, always wanting to learn more and is not afraid of a challenge.

Even with our little interaction at work each day he has become one of my favourite staff members in such a short time.”

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