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Not all nurses work indoors. Our outreach nurses deliver health care on the street for people who are homeless.

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Our Night Nurses provide early intervention health care directly on the pavement, in laneways and under bridges on foot. The service addresses the immediate and primary care needs, including health and social assessments, professional nursing care, counselling and active support, first aid, medication management, and follow up to clients.

Listen below to get an understanding of the work that our Nurses do or read about what the experience on ABC journalist who spent a shift with the nurses:

Importantly, this service works in conjunction with the Youth Projects Foot Patrol team to engage service users in need of after-hours medical care. The importance of assertive outreach teams is nearly immeasurable, often being the first point of call many members of our community experiencing homelessness with any health professional or support worker in months.

The Night Nurses currently includes an experienced midwife who has seen a number of pregnant women sleeping rough who are yet to reach out to medical centres due to prior instances of victimisation or abuse. This is one of the many examples of why innovative outreach teams like our Night Nurses are extremely effective and necessary.

The after-hours service integrates with the existing Living Room Primary Health Service for the ongoing health and medical care of service users.

You can also donate directly to this program on line to help the nurses stay out longer.

Service Hours:

Friday, Saturdays and Sundays from 7pm until 11pm

For further information, please ring the Youth Projects city office on 9945 2100


Click below to listen to the podcast between Youth Projects’ Chair, Melanie Raymond, and SBS journalist Maridel Martinez, about our Night Nurses helping our friends on the street, please click here to be redirected to the SBS news website.