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Youth Projects will not tolerate any abuse of children and young people.

Commitment to Child Safety

In Victoria, Child Safe Standards aim to protect children and young people from abuse in organisations, including physical violence, sexual offences, serious emotional or psychological abuse and/or neglect.

As part of these standards, we commit to:

  • preventing the abuse of children and young people in our care, by identifying risks early and removing and reducing these risks
  • taking all allegations and concerns about abuse very seriously and responding to them consistently, in line with our policies and procedures
  • complying with all legal requirements, including reporting suspicions of abuse to police and/or child protection.

We actively work to hear and empower all children and young people involved with our organisation, through regular consultation and participation processes.

We celebrate diversity across our organisation. In particular, we promote the equal participation and cultural, emotional and physical safety of children and young people who are often marginalised. This includes children and young people who are Aboriginal, from refugee or migrant backgrounds, who are same-sex attracted or gender diverse, and/or have a disability.

All staff and volunteers employed by Youth Projects are responsible for the care and protection of children and young people who participate in our organisation and for reporting information about abuse.

Child Safe Policy
Child Safe Code of Conduct

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