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Youth Projects has long been at the forefront of harm prevention across the community, launching its first Needle Syringe Program in 1990.

As an organisation we have worked tirelessly across north, west and central Melbourne to limit the spread of blood borne viruses, helping to keep limit new diagnoses of HIV and Hep C. Youth Projects also holds a strong emphasis on returning and the subsequent safe disposal of used injecting paraphernalia.

Operating discreetly, each member of our team honours an individual’s right to feel safe and secure when reaching out to any one of our harm prevention programs, striving to reach as many people who require this service without judgement. Our teams are there to help and to listen, not to judge.

Needle Syringe Programs are utilised by more members of our community than many would assume. We see members from suburbs of entrenched disadvantage with minimal employment opportunities accessing these innovative services to assist with a number of conditions, including diabetics or parents with sick children who cannot afford to constantly purchase new equipment even for medical purposes.

Harm prevention is also about providing people with education and awareness whilst creating pathways to access further facilities in place to offer effective support. Youth Projects strives to empower even the most neglected and marginalised members of our community, striving to see a just society with equal opportunities for all.

Each one of our programs is linked back to other support services and programs under our holistic approach.