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We're partnering with Heinz Australia to bring comfort food and much needed funds for the winter.

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Homelessness has increased in inner Melbourne by 28% and people living in rooming houses, overcrowded short term accommodation and rough sleeping are doing so hard yards.

Our after hours night nursing team have been distributing soup and beanies, while a special Heinz Food Truck will be in Federation Square on Thursdays serving soup with all funds going back to our services.

Did you know research by the City of Melbourne shows

  • 7 percent of adult residents in the CoM worried about whether their food would run out before they got money to buy more.
  • A quarter  of these respondents reported that they felt concern about putting enough food on the table on a monthly basis.
  • Six percent reported that they or other adults in the household cut the size of their meals or skip meals as a way of coping with not having enough money for food. Twenty nine percent of these respondents reported that this was happening on a monthly basis.

For individuals and families, homelessness makes it difficult to engage in education and training and can leave people vulnerable to violence, victimisation, long term unemployment and chronic ill-health. Some health problems are a consequence (but can also be a cause) of homelessness, including poor nutrition, poor dental health, substance misuse, and mental health problems.

Our services help prevent people at risk of homelessness falling further into poverty with specialist support to go back to education, learn new skills, find a job, access free medical care, mental health counselling and genuinely feel a valued part of our community.

You can donate funds to support people who are homeless, cold and hungry in Melbourne at  Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.