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The inaugural Youth Project's Art & Soul exhibition and silent auction was held on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

The Art and Soul exhibition celebrated art and its ability to connect and empower people.

This unique exhibition showcased the work of artists who have experienced homelessness or trauma, by auctioning their creations alongside works for sale that have been donated by renowned figures in the Australian art scene. Youth Project has a well established art therapy program open to any client, with no experience needed. A wide variety of techniques and media are available and the purpose is to empower and support those who join the group.

The art that gives back.

The Art & Soul exhibition, hosted by ABC’s Jacinta Parsons, auctioned donated artworks from renowned figures in the Australian art scene as well as artists in Youth Projects art therapy program.

Proceeds raised from the sale of  clients’ art works  have gone directly to clients. All other proceeds from the sale of the art will assist Youth Projects in providing critical and unique front line services to Melbourne’s most vulnerable.

Youth Projects Chair, Melanie Raymond, says the artworks showcases the exquisite talents of people Youth Projects artists who have experienced homelessness or trauma.

“Loneliness and exclusion are key drivers of homelessness and only now are such factors being recognised as part of the solutions to widespread homelessness.

“When you give people outlets to build their feel self worth and dignity after long periods of exclusion, we can then build on the positivity and motivation that art delivers.

“The solutions to homelessness are more than just bricks and mortar, they need to be a raft of creative ways that empower and deliver trust and honesty,” Raymond says,

Youth Projects provides a free medical clinic, mental health and drug counselling, outreach support services, employment and training for people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

Youth Projects’ CEO Ben Vasilou said the Art & Soul exhibition is not only a fundraising endeavour.

“By exhibiting their works side-by-side, we hope attendees will view all of the creators under the one umbrella, simply as artists,regardless of social status”.

The Art & Soul exhibition was made possible through the generous contributions from its charity partner Brookfield and the Pullman on the Park Hotel.

Special thanks to all the extraordinary artists from Swan Street Studios who have generously donated their work and time to assist in this event, to the very talented Youth Projects clients for sharing their work, and to our partners – Brookfield and The Pullman on The Park hotel for their support, without which this event would not be possible.

Thank you to Penny Lane for the photography of works.

If you are interested in exhibiting or purchasing art from partifcipants in our art group  please contact us at  The Livng Room on (03) 99452100. The next Art and Soul Exhibition is planned for early 2019.

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 Paulyo – Suns above the Town

Raph – Melbourne Cityscape

Gail T – Untitled

 Matt B – Magnificent

Matt B – Benevolent

 Matt B – Malevolent

 Pjay S – The Journey

Adam J – Dolphins

Joe Blundell

Joe Blundell

Robin Stewart

Robin Stewart

Gemma Donnellan

Katherine Edwards

Phillipa Croll

Jill Kempson

Clive Townsend

Clive Townsend

Jill Lewis

Elena Berkovich

Elena Berkovich

Elena Berkovich
Christine Cropley

Mario Cioni

Rita Camenzuli

Laure Rachon

Rosemary Macindoe

Prue Kirkcaldie

David Milne

Sally Madden

Jean Brinkman-Evans
 Meg O’Shannassy