Your help can assist our clients most in need

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To make a genuine impact on the community, we need to work with the community, and appreciate that assistance comes in all shapes and forms.

We are often approached by generous members of the community looking to donate clothing items for people experiencing homelessness. For donations of material aid, we kindly request that you refer to the list below. Due to our limited storage space, we are not always able to accept and store material aid for distribution to our friends on the street, however frequent stocktakes allow for us to reach out to sponsors and donors for desired and required items.

When donating second-hand clothing items, we ask that they only be offered if washed and wearable. All socks and underwear donations must be new.

We are currently accepting donations for the below items at 7-9 Hosier Lane, Melbourne 3000.

Women’s Clothing: Tracksuit pants and hoodies (gender neutral)
Men’s Clothing: T shirts (plain), track suit pants and hoodies/jumpers (gender neutral), pants (size XL, XXL)
Accessories: Scarves, gloves and backpacks (must be usable with no tears or broken zips/buckles
Toiletries: Spray and roll on deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, single use body wash, soap, shampoo and conditioner
Coats/Jackets: Waterproof jackets
Socks: Must be new
Underwear: Must be new (size M), thermal underwear (vests, long johns)
Sleeping Bags/Blankets: All clean waterproof sleeping bags, swags and blankets that can be rolled up for easy carrying.
Other:  Supermarket vouchers, myki cards, mobile recharge cards, UHT milk, tinned food, biodegradable cups/bowls for our drop in centre
Music Program: Percussion, stringed or electronic instruments, guitar picks, amps, microphones, PA system, music books with guitar chords
Art Program: Art supplies

*Due to overstock and items that may not be suitable for our clients, please avoid beanies, kids clothes, non-waterproof jackets, branded/professional workwear, hand-knitted items (difficult to dry) and ponchos. Thank you.


We are currently accepting donations for the below items at 6 Hartington Street, Glenroy 3046.

Clothing: Professional workwear for our young clients to attend job interviews
Toiletries: Starter pack (deodorant, razors, perfume, body wash, soap, shampoo and conditioner)
Course props: Healthcare equipment (life support dummies, wheelchair, mannequins)
Other: Notebooks, pens, sticky notes for clients attending interviews and courses, mobile phones and recharge cards, laptops, tablets for clients in courses or to help with job applications, interview schedules etc.

Our team will update our wish list regularly to ensure that we can work alongside the generous people throughout Melbourne to provide material aid and support to people in need.  Please call our team on 9340 9100 (Glenroy) or 9945 2100 (City) to arrange drop offs.