Your help can assist our clients most in need

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Youth Projects believes in building capacity in individuals and the community; that’s why we do what we do. We're committed to an equal and just society.


We provide high impact support where every individual has access to healthcare, education, employment, counsellling and support to reach their goals.

As the gap between rich and poor  grows in Australia, so does inequality. Youth Projects services have become all the more vital.

Youth Projects health services provide for access to:

  • Healthcare
  • Counselling
  • Material aid
  • Housing support
  • Employment
  • Accredited Training Courses & Apprenticeships
  • Harm minimisation strategies
  • Supported referrals

Youth Projects has a dedicated team, including doctors, nurses, community development workers and allied health professionals, employment coaches and trainers who share a passion for social inclusion, justice, equality and community understanding.

The team  work as “One Youth  Projects”  driven by the positive impact in all our connected programs,

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Some things need to change.  Including socks and jocks

Some things need to change. Including socks and jocks

We rely on your help to keep up with the rising demand for help. We are not funded to provide any of these daily essentials and have always been supported…

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