Your help can assist our clients most in need

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Our broad range of services enables a holistic approach to tackling disadvantage, homelessness, and alcohol and other drug issues.

Youth Projects provides a non-judgemental service with a strong focus on harm minimisation and works with clients on a personalised, tailored basis to address complex issues.

Youth Projects promotes inclusion, builds resilience and creates opportunities.

Youth Projects works holistically, and our team pride themselves on their ability to to provide a “one-stop shop” to people in need. We know that each person who walks through our doors is an individual with specific needs, so we aim to work flexibly to create a personalised approach alongside each client to ensure they take positive steps towards their end goal. Whether this is to reengage with learning, to break away from the cycle of unemployment, to ask for assistance when battling the unreasonable barriers a young person faces when looking to start work, or to seek effective medical assistance from non-judgmental professionals, Youth Projects can help.

Whatever issue you’re facing, our team is equipped with the expertise, experience and facilities to assist you. For more information on individual programs, follow the links provided.

If you have further questions, or require immediate assistance, please call us on 03 9945 2100 or 03 9304 9100. Alternatively, you can e-mail to receive a prompt response.