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Homelessness doesn’t take a holiday. It's all day and all night for people who have nowhere to call home. Whether it's a public holiday or late at night, it’s a very lonely time people who are homeless. And few of the services they rely on remain open. But our nurses are out there.

Nurse treating homeless

Make sure Youth Projects’ ‘Night Nurses’ can provide extra help during times of crisis when health conditions, hunger, depression and despair get worse for people who are homeless. We need these nurses out on foot providing health care and counselling where no one else goes. In fact it is one of only three street night nursing programs in the world.

Your donation will help our nurses get out on the street more often.

Highly trained registered nurses, they all have extra skills in mental health and drug counselling. Nobody should feel so alone at a time when they feel most excluded.






Social Impact

The huge increase in people who are homeless has meant the nurses have faced a 141% increase in demand for their help in one year. But there has been no extra funding. Last year, between Christmas and New Year, the nurses treated over two hundred homeless people who were suffering from worsening physical and mental health, with no other support available to them. We want to make sure this direct support is there.

Our extra shifts, made possible by public donation,  mean that there will be ongoing access to critical medical care and mental health support. The problems they treat include general health issues, mental health support, social support, dental care and wound care. By getting immediate help many people won’t end up at  an emergency department or facing worsening mental health.

Our Nurses delivered over 2,300 episodes of care on the pavement last year. From a homeless women in labour on Swanston Street, to people with serious, sometimes terminal illness, with no care or support, living on our streets. they make sure health conditions are treated early and don’t get worse.